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Last updated: 21 June 2024, 03:49
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Can I activate BQM - BlockQuest Maker- in my region?

Most distribution platforms (like Steam) have regional restrictions and different prices for each game: e.g., BQM - BlockQuest Maker- will cost more for customers from United States than from Argentina, but customers from US cannot activate Argentina’s BQM - BlockQuest Maker- key.

We show this regional restrictions information under “Region” in our filters and in the list of BQM - BlockQuest Maker- offers. For instance, “BQM - BlockQuest Maker- Global” means it can be activated in any country, “BQM - BlockQuest Maker- Europe” – only in Europe, and “BQM - BlockQuest Maker- Japan” — in Japan only.

However, some shops do not provide regional information, so the best way to make sure BQM - BlockQuest Maker- will be activated in your region is to visit shop’s product page: there’s always a special block next to the price that shows if it can be activated in your country or not.

What is the difference between BQM - BlockQuest Maker- offers from official stores and keyshops?

Official stores get their BQM - BlockQuest Maker- keys directly from game developers or publishers, while keyshops resell keys from unknown sources.

Keyshops are usually cheaper than official stores, but they are riskier. We recommend reading keyshops’ and sellers’ customer reviews first. Also, most keyshops have buyer’s protection programs to guarantee a refund in case BQM - BlockQuest Maker- key is not working.

Game Details

It is time for your childhood dream to come true - create your own game! This is not a simple puzzle builder, but rather an RPG maker. Design your own dungeons and share them with fans all over the world! In the world of BQM, you can challenge sophisticated dungeons and build your own evil ones!

Release date
26 July, 2021
Single-player, Multi-player, PvP, Online PvP, Cross-Platform Multiplayer
Action, Indie, Simulation, RPG, Casual
Supported languages
English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Russian, French, German, Spanish - Spain
* languages with full audio support
Wonderland Kazakiri inc.
Gamera Game, idealCat
Official website
Support website
Support website
[email protected]
Support website
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