AMD Radeon HD 6990M vs Intel HD Graphics 3000

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Graphics Processor

GPU model Blackcomb Sandy Bridge GT2
GPU variant Blackcomb XTX (216-0811030)
Architecture TeraScale 2 Generation 6.0
Foundry TSMC Intel
Manufacturing process 40 nm 32 nm
Number of transistors 1,700 million 624 million
Die size 212 mm² 149 mm²

Mobile graphics

Release date Jul 12th, 2011
Generation Vancouver (HD 6900M)
Production End-of-life
Interface MXM-B (3.0)
Predecessor Manhattan
Successor London


GPU clock 715 MHz
Memory clock 900 MHz 3.6 Gbps effective System Shared
Base clock 350 MHz
Boost clock 1000 MHz

Memory Configuration

Memory size 2 GB System Shared
Memory type GDDR5 System Shared
Memory bus width 256 bit System Shared
Bandwidth 115.2 GB/s System Dependent

Render Configuration

Shading units 1120 96
TMUs 56 12
ROPs 32 2
Compute units 14
Cache L1 8 KB (per CU)
Cache L2 512 KB
Execution units 12


Pixel rate 22.88 GPixel/s 2.000 GPixel/s
Texture rate 40.04 GTexel/s 12.00 GTexel/s
FP32 (float) performance 1.602 TFLOPS 192.0 GFLOPS

Dimensions & Outputs

Slot width MXM Module IGP
TDP 100 W unknown
Outputs No outputs No outputs
Power connectors None
Board number C296

API Support & Features

DirectX 11.2 (11_0) 11.1 (10_1)
OpenGL 4.4 3.1
OpenCL 1.2
Shader model 5.0 4.1

Other Features

Integrated Graphics

Release date Feb 1st, 2011
Generation HD Graphics-M (Sandy Bridge)
Production End-of-life
Interface Ring Bus
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