Intel Core i7-860S vs Intel Core i7-920

Physical Specifications

Socket Intel Socket 1156 Intel Socket 1366
Foundry Intel Intel
Process size 45 nm 45 nm
Transistors 774 million 731 million
Die size 296 mm² 263 mm²
Package FC-LGA6 FC-LGA8


Frequency 2.533 GHz 2.666 GHz
Turbo clock up to 3.466 GHz up to 2.933 GHz
Base clock 133 MHz 133 MHz
Multiplier 19.0x 20.0x
Multiplier unlocked No No
Voltage 1.4 V 1.375 V
TDP 82 W 130 W

Architecture Details

Vertical Segment Desktop Desktop
Production status End-of-life End-of-life
Release date Jan 7th, 2010 Nov 17th, 2008
Codename Lynnfield Bloomfield
Generation Core i7 Core i7
Memory support DDR3 Dual-channel DDR3 Triple-channel
ECC memory No No
PCI Express Gen 2, 16 Lanes(CPU only) Gen 2


Total Cores 4 4
Total Threads 8 8
SMP # CPUs 1 1
Integrated graphics


Cache L1 64K (per core) 64K (per core)
Cache L2 256K (per core) 256K (per core)
Cache L3 8MB (shared) 8MB (shared)

Features & Technologies

EIST Yes Yes
HTT Yes Yes
Intel 64 Yes Yes
MMX Yes Yes
SMT Yes Yes
SSE Yes Yes
SSE2 Yes Yes
SSE3 Yes Yes
SSE4.2 Yes Yes
TXT Yes Yes
VT-x Yes Yes
XD-Bit Yes Yes


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