ATI EGA Wonder 480 vs NVIDIA GeForce4 MX + nForce2

Graphics Processor

GPU model CHIPS P82C435 Crush17
Architecture Wonder Celsius
Foundry NEC
Manufacturing process 800 nm 150 nm
Number of transistors unknown 29 million
Die size unknown 65 mm²

Graphics Card

Release date Dec 26th, 1988
Generation EGA
Production End-of-life
Launch price 399 USD
Interface PCI
Predecessor MDA/CGA
Successor VGA


GPU clock 10 MHz 200 MHz
Memory clock 8 MHz System Shared

Memory Configuration

Memory size 256 KB System Shared
Memory type DRAM System Shared
Memory bus width 32 bit System Shared
Bandwidth 32.00 MB/s System Dependent

Render Configuration

Pixel shaders 1 2
Vertex shaders 0 0
TMUs 0 4
ROPs 1 2


Pixel rate 10.00 MPixel/s 400.0 MPixel/s
Texture rate 0 MTexel/s 800.0 MTexel/s

Dimensions & Outputs

Slot width Single-slot IGP
TDP unknown unknown
Suggested PSU 200 W
Outputs No outputs No outputs
Board number 104001500

API Support & Features

DirectX 8.0
OpenGL 1.3
Pixel shader 1.1
Vertex shader 1.1

Other Features

Integrated Graphics

Release date Oct 1st, 2002
Generation GeForce 4 MX IGP
Production End-of-life
Interface AGP 4x
Predecessor GeForce 2 MX IGP
Successor GeForce 6 IGP


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