NVIDIA GeForce2 MX 200 vs NVIDIA GeForce4 MX + nForce2

Graphics Processor

GPU model NV11B Crush17
GPU variant MX200
Architecture Celsius Celsius
Foundry TSMC
Manufacturing process 180 nm 150 nm
Number of transistors 20 million 29 million
Die size 64 mm² 65 mm²

Graphics Card

Release date Mar 3rd, 2001
Generation GeForce 2 MX
Production End-of-life
Interface AGP 4x
Predecessor GeForce 256
Successor GeForce 3


GPU clock 175 MHz 200 MHz
Memory clock 166 MHz System Shared

Memory Configuration

Memory size 32 MB System Shared
Memory type SDR System Shared
Memory bus width 64 bit System Shared
Bandwidth 1.328 GB/s System Dependent

Render Configuration

Pixel shaders 2 2
Vertex shaders 0 0
TMUs 4 4
ROPs 2 2


Pixel rate 350.0 MPixel/s 400.0 MPixel/s
Texture rate 700.0 MTexel/s 800.0 MTexel/s

Dimensions & Outputs

Slot width Single-slot IGP
TDP unknown unknown
Suggested PSU 200 W
Outputs 1x DVI1x VGA1x S-Video No outputs
Power connectors None

API Support & Features

DirectX 7.0 8.0
OpenGL 1.2 1.3
Pixel shader 1.1
Vertex shader 1.1

Other Features

Integrated Graphics

Release date Oct 1st, 2002
Generation GeForce 4 MX IGP
Production End-of-life
Interface AGP 4x
Predecessor GeForce 2 MX IGP
Successor GeForce 6 IGP


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