Intel Core i5-11260H vs Intel Core i5-11400H



插座 Intel BGA 1499 Intel BGA 1499
铸造厂 Intel Intel
工艺尺寸 10 nm 10 nm
晶体管 unknown unknown
模具尺寸 unknown unknown
FC-BGA1499 FC-BGA1499
tCaseMax 72°C 72°C
tJMax 100°C 100°C


频率 2.6 GHz 2.7 GHz
涡轮时钟 up to 4.4 GHz up to 4.5 GHz
基本时钟 100 MHz 100 MHz
乘数 26.0x 27.0x
乘数解锁 No No
TDP 35 W 35 W


市场 Mobile Mobile
生产状况 Active Active
发布日期 May 11th, 2021 May 11th, 2021
代码名称 Tiger Lake-H Tiger Lake-H
Core i5 Core i5
部分 unknown unknown
内存支持 DDR4-3200 MHz DDR4-3200 MHz
ECC内存 No No
PCI Express Gen 4, 20 Lanes(CPU only) Gen 4, 20 Lanes(CPU only)


核心数 6 6
线程数 12 12
SMP # CPU 1 1
集成显卡 UHD Graphics 750 UHD Graphics 750


缓存 L1 96K (per core) 96K (per core)
缓存 L2 1.25MB (per core) 1.25MB (per core)
缓存 L3 12MB (shared) 12MB (shared)


AES-NI Yes Yes
AVX Yes Yes
AVX-512 Yes Yes
AVX2 Yes Yes
BMI1 Yes Yes
BMI2 Yes Yes
Boost 3.0 Yes Yes
EIST Yes Yes
F16C Yes Yes
FMA3 Yes Yes
HTT Yes Yes
Intel 64 Yes Yes
MMX Yes Yes
SSE Yes Yes
SSE2 Yes Yes
SSE3 Yes Yes
SSE4.2 Yes Yes
SSSE3 Yes Yes
TSX Yes Yes
TXT Yes Yes
VT-d Yes Yes
VT-x Yes Yes
XD bit Yes Yes


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